4 Tips for Making a Healthier Sandwich for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

1. Use whole-wheat bread instead of white bread

Whole-wheat bread has more vitamins, minerals and fibre than white bread. Choosing whole-wheat bread to make sandwiches can help you feel fuller longer. This is because whole-wheat bread is high-fibre food that may help in slowing down the absorption and can help in maintaining the blood sugar levels.

2. Add More Veggies

Sandwiches with lots of vegetables are low-calorie and can help you lose weight. Stack them between the bread slices or slice them into little bits. 

As lettuce and tomatoes are the most commonly used vegetables in sandwiches, you may make your own custom sandwich to add flavour and nutrients by adding additional veggies like roasted peppers and green vegetables like spinach and kale. Instead of dressing, a little vinegar or plain yoghurt can be used. To add taste, use a low-fat, low-sodium seasoning like mustard. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

3. Egg

Due to the egg yolk, whole eggs are high in cholesterol. It becomes a lean and diet-friendly source of protein after the yolk is removed, so it is preferable to have a hard-boiled egg to make it easier to remove the yolk. Then you make an egg sandwich with your favourite vegetables and a few seasonings and eat it.

4. Tuna

The best healthy sandwich is a tuna sandwich, which is easy to make, delicious, and filling. When buying canned tuna, go for tuna packed in water rather than oil because it has fewer calories. Also, avoid using mayonnaise in your sandwich because it is high in fat and calories, which can cause weight gain rather than weight loss.


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