6 Tips to Increase Your Appetite

 By Zarifah binti Aziz | Published on May 26, 2022

Appetite loss can occur suddenly or as a result of other reasons such as mental or physical health. However, if you continue to lose your appetite, you will lose weight and become malnourished.
Here are some tips for you to increase your appetite:

Increase Your Appetite

Eat Nutrient-Dense Food

Consume nutrient-dense food rather than high-calorie food that lacks essential nutrients, such as baked goods, fast food, and sweets. Eating these nutrient-dense foods will help you not only enhance your appetite, but also absorb essential nutrients and maintain your body healthy.

Increase Your Appetite

Make the food appealing and enjoyable

Use varied plating, utensil colors, or multi-colored meals on the plate to increase your appetite, such as rainbow foods on the plate (green lettuce, red tomato, brown rice, and white or yellow mayonnaise or salad dressing). 

Making food aesthetically appealing can increase your appetite since you will be excited to try it.

Increase Your Appetite

Make Food Always Available

Always have a pantry stocked with high-calorie snacks such as nuts, yoghurt, dried fruit, and fruits so you may eat them whenever you want. You will likely won’t feel hungry if you don’t have anything to eat. 

Even if you are in a sudden hunger, the time it takes to prepare food will make you feel like you don’t want to eat.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

According to research, skipping breakfast may cause you to eat less during the day. Breakfast can help to increase appetite and promote weight gain if eaten on a daily basis. Breakfast should be light and simple, such as overnight oats with fresh fruit.


Limit Your Fiber Intake

High fiber foods should be avoided in your diet since they make you feel full for longer and prevent being hungry fast because they digest slowly, making them not suitable for persons who have a low appetite.

Eating a low-fiber diet, such as white bread and foods made with refined flour, such as pancakes and bagels, can make you feel less full, causing you to eat more throughout the day.

Drink Your Calories

Drinking your calories is a great way to increase appetite because it eliminates the need to chew food, which is useful for people who have a poor appetite. 

Drinks high in calories and nutrients, such as milkshakes, smoothies, and juices, can be supplemented. However, avoid using any added sugar and instead choose for natural, healthful foods such as fruits and vegetables.


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