Are you overwhelmed?

 By Keren Liew | Published on May 11, 2022

Are you overwhelmed

The first week of May this year might have been a blast for those who were celebrating the holidays, or for those who were just seizing the opportunities to take a break from their dailies. Some of us could still have work to do or could be catching up with other assignments to be completed. I was amongst those who took the time to relax after all the hard work I had done so far this year. The long weekend was a much needed break and I was very thankful that we had public holidays in the midst of our daily responsibilities. It also served as a chance for me to really unwind myself from being overwhelmed with workloads and stress.

Speaking of being overwhelmed, what does being overwhelmed really mean? For me, I think it is a very strong feeling when I feel like I am being buried under the ground, where it is made of duties, tasks, stress, or any other unpleasant events. Sometimes when days feel like it is just a never-ending cycle, full of endless work to be done or when there isn’t much to expect at the end of the week, I would feel like I am drowning in a sea of misery. Exaggerated much? Somehow, being overwhelmed does feel like this to me. What does being overwhelmed mean for you?

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