Best Desserts for Weight Loss

 By Zarifah binti Aziz | Published on May 26, 2022

When you're trying to lose weight, do you crave desserts?
Below are some desserts that are both nutritious and delicious but does not cause weight gain:

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is high in fiber and good fats, which can keep you satisfied for longer and help you avoid hunger. The higher the amount of cocoa content, the better it is since it means that there is less added sugar and more fiber, so read the food label carefully. If you become tired of eating it alone, try pairing it with frozen yoghurt and nuts like almonds to boost the flavour and protein content.


Fresh Fruits with Yoghurt or Whipped Cream

Fresh fruits, such as blueberries and strawberries, combined with low-calorie whipped cream, yoghurt, and nuts, results in a crunchy texture and sweet dessert. They are low in calories yet great in sweetness and nutrition

Berries are an excellent dessert ingredient because they contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help to enhance blood sugar and insulin response. They can also help you feel full for longer and avoid hunger.

Chia Pudding

When soaked overnight, chia seeds will have a jelly-like texture. The chia pudding was made with cocoa powder, maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. It has a pleasant flavour and a soft texture.



Energy Bites

Low-calorie energy bites are high in nutrients like fiber, protein, and healthy fats. They are both nutritious and delicious desserts since they contain healthy cocoa, dried fruit, peanut butter, and seeds, but how you make and the ingredients for the energy bites are up to you. This would appeal to children because it is appealing, tasty, and simple to prepare.

Blueberry and Yoghurt Ice Pops

These ice pops are a quick and easy dessert to make. They’re also nutrient-dense, thanks to the blueberry and yoghurt. It’s a great dessert for hot days; all you have to do is mix the blueberries and yoghurt in an ice-cream maker and freeze it.




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