Best Herbal Tea to Relieve Stress Is Out. Let’s read about it.

 By Zarifah binti Aziz | Published on July 26, 2022

Did you know that tea can help soothe your mind when you feel stressed? But how does herbal tea help reduce stress?

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Herbal teas contain multiple types of natural anti-inflammatory compounds that may benefit the human body, such as:

  • Contain antioxidants: can help protect the body from stress
  • May help reduce inflammation
  • May help reduce the risk of blood clots and high blood pressure

According to a 2018 study (1), even smelling black tea can help reduce stress and promote a more relaxed state of mind. Listed below are best tea that can can help you reduce stress:

Peppermint tea (Boh Tea Peppermint Tea)

Peppermint tea have a lot of calming properties that can assist to relax the body and mind. They also help reduce the effects of stress-causing emotions like anxiety. 

Moreover, they can be beneficial if you’re feeling burned out. According to some research (2), the scent of peppermint tea may lessen sensations of frustration, worry, and exhaustion.

Looking for caffeine-free peppermint tea?

Furthermore, this peppermint tea comes from Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands and is a pure herbal BOH tea with a soothing flavour. A natural herbal tea free of caffeine, preservatives, and artificial colouring.

Chamomile tea (Lots Chamomile Tea)

Chamomile is the most popular calm tea as it is well-known for its relaxing properties, and makes a soothing, aromatic cup of tea perfect for any time of day. 

In addition, there is some evidence that chamomile may reduce the severity of anxiety and depression, but this is mostly based on using it as an aromatherapy or taking it as a supplement.

Hence, you can try a local tea product which is Lots Chamomile Tea. It is quite affordable and easy to purchase online. The floral essence will help you to reduce your stress levels and help you with improving your sleeping schedule. You better try some when you feel stressed.

Lavender tea

Another herb that has been proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation is lavender; as a result, it makes a soothing addition to many of our teas and herbal infusions. 

Also, your digestive and mental health may be helped by drinking lavender tea. Long used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, lavender extract may also have positive effects on mental health, according to studies. 

In a 2020 study, 60 elderly persons discovered that drinking lavender tea at night and in the morning reduced their levels of anxiety and depression. Additionally, lavender alone can ease anxiety, enhance mood, and aid in relaxation and sleep.

So, you can try drinking English Tea Shop Organic Chamomile Lavender as they are affordable and naturally caffeine-free.

Black tea (Twinings' Australian Afternoon Tea)

The second most popular type of tea consumed worldwide is black tea.One of the best teas is Twinings’ Australian Afternoon Tea.

Besides, black tea helps one focus better since it contains caffeine and a type of amino acid called L-theanine, making it a great tea to sip after a filling lunch. Suitable for students or to consume during working hours to ward off fatigue and sleepiness.

According to studies by University College London professor Andrew Steptoe, drinking black tea may speed our recovery from life’s daily stresses. Tea does appear to have a higher impact on restoring stress hormone levels to normal, even while it does not appear to lower the actual levels of stress we experience.


In conclusion, when you experience stress, drinking a cup of tea may make you feel calmer and enable you to reduce your tension. In addition to reducing stress, tea may also have other health benefits for the body, such as reducing blood pressure.

To relieve tension, you might try consuming it as your evening tea while enjoying in leisure time like reading or watching movies.


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