Boosting our Self-Confidence

By Keren Liew | Published on June 21, 2022

Boosting our Self-Confidence

Another benefit of possessing self-leadership skills is boosting our self-confidence. When we apply self-leadership skills, we are able to manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviours in ways which guide ourselves towards success. They help us believe we are in control of situations that we are in, and that we have the capability to make suitable decisions which could result in our desired outcomes. This could potentially boost our self-confidence, which in turn helps us achieve so much more and work wonders in our lives.

Without self-confidence, even when we know what to do next and how to execute the plans, we do not have the guts to practice them out. We lack the courage to make use of the knowledge and act them out, where our amazing ideas will be kept hidden along with our potentials for a long, long time. Self-confidence is a big topic to be explored, which we could talk about the other time. 

When I was in primary school, I had been appointed by our class teacher to be the class monitor on the very first day of school. I remember vividly what the teacher said to me, “You look like a leader, I shall appoint you the class monitor.” I was only 7, and I did not really understand what she meant when she said I “looked like a leader”. 

When I think about it now, maybe she saw the self-leadership skills I had – paying my own school fees, taking down notes in my own notebook, sitting properly at my seat, etc. Even though they might just be trivial tasks, but some peers of my age might not be able to do those without having their parents by their side. Maybe she thought I knew what I was doing, was reliable to be assigned tasks and in hope to lead my friends in some ways.

I am thankful that my class teacher had looked highly of me at that time which really fueled my self-confidence. I do not only believe that I could lead the others, but most importantly, have faith in myself that I know what I am doing, and there are people who could depend on me about it. 

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