By Keren Liew | Published on April 12, 2022

Contemplating About Physical Exercise

For some of us, deciding to engage in workouts is a process that requires a lot of consideration and contemplation. Do I have time for a jog? Is there anything to do after that? Should I go for a cup of tea with my friend instead? Doing workout might not be our priority while making arrangements in our daily or weekly schedule. We might always come up with reasons to not do physical exercises – fees to the gym are too expensive, no buddies to go for a run, having to shower after exercising which can be time consuming, you name it. Sometimes we disregard the importance of having regular physical exercise but making it a habit can help in maintaining our physical wellness. However, sometimes we might not be aware of making excuses to not exercise when we should be doing it on a regular basis. 

Most of us might lead a sedentary lifestyle – having jobs which require us to complete paperwork or other relevant tasks; students who usually have class starting in the morning until noon or even later; sitting at our desks in front of a device for a few hours continuously. When we are out of school or out of work, we might be too tired to do anything else for the rest of the day. In this digitised era, when we are idle, instead of exercising, most of us would go for what we are most comfortable with – using our smartphone. We scroll endlessly on our phones, jumping from apps to apps, swapping from posts to posts. I am definitely guilty about this, are you one of us?

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