Here are some tips that can help in promoting weight loss.

Cooking Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight

Cooking Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight

Cut vegetables into bigger chunks

Cutting the vegetables into bigger chunks can prevent it from absorbing plenty of oils as it has less surface area. Alternatively, instead of putting oil onto the pan, you can use a sprayer to reduce fat consumption.

Eat fruit and some veggies with the skin on

Avoid peeling the skins of fruits like apples and potatoes because the skins contain essential nutrients that your body requires, such as fiber. Fiber can make you feel filled for longer, so when you peel off the skin, the food won’t fill you up as much, causing you to binge more.

Don’t ever overcook the pasta

When pasta overcooks, it becomes soggy. The starch molecules that hold the noodles together begin to break down while the pasta cooks. This reaction interrupts the noodle’s fiber content, thus converting it into a refined carbohydrate.

It will cause quick absorption in your body, which can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels. To keep as much fiber as possible, cook the noodles until just before they’re nearly done. This will make the pasta become more filling, allowing you to eat less and avoid overeating.

Cooking Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight

Time your salt

Another cooking tricks is the time ogf the salt. When the food is almost done, sprinkle a bit of the salt on top to reduce sodium consumption. Also, if you want to marinade or season chicken or beef, do so at least 8 hours before cooking to ensure that the flesh is moist and flavourful.

Use herbs and spices instead of salt

Instead of salt and additional flavouring, try adding herbs and spices to your dishes to improve the flavour because it is healthy and reduces sodium intake. On top of that, some spices and herbs, such as rosemary and basil, are good for your health.

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