Creating The Pause Button

 By Keren Liew | Published on May 11, 2022

Creating The Pause Button

We might have a job or could be studying with a regular schedule, having consistent demand to be met. They could be deadlines, assignments, etc. Sometimes they might make us feel like being chased after by a spinning wheel on fire, or maybe we might feel like we are on fire where we keep on trying to put out the fire on us. Living with the same old routine every day, being held down by these commitments might become exhausting at some point for certain people – I know I am amongst the particular people I mentioned. We might come to a point that we feel numb to whatever we are feeling or doing, and that could be dangerous.

Before things get out of hand, how about we try to create the “pause” buttons to ourselves? Maybe we could try taking short breaks alone, be it in between work going for coffee breaks, driving in the car in silence back home or going for grocery shopping alone. Basically, it is emphasising the need to create enough personal space to pause and think about what we are doing, and how we are doing without other unnecessary distractions. Some people might prefer having trusted companions to be around while on “pause”, it is all alright. I believe that we just have to make sure that we have the space to pause or recharge. I believe these could be little steps to empower ourselves, to take breaks to nourish our minds in the long run. 

Maybe the comment of my face looking tired came to me at the right time, reminding me that hey, please pause for a while, look at yourself now. Does reading this ring a bell in you somehow – do you need a pause button as well? Let’s try to create our personal “pause” buttons in our routine, whenever we feel overwhelmed or whenever we feel like we need it. May we all “not look tired” and have all the strength we need to face our days. ❤️

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