By Keren Liew | Published on June 28, 2022


Decision-Making. It is crucial to have effective decision-making skills to develop self-leadership. What is the big deal of having good decision-making skills?


Life is all about making decisions

Have you ever thought about how our life is influenced by our decisions made? In fact, the story of our lives is written based on the choices we make every day, every hour, even every minute. 

Be it major decisions such as choosing our professional degree course or our significant life partner; or minor choices made such as choosing the flavour of our ice cream or the brand of our deodorant. Eventually, these decisions make up our beliefs, values, personalities – just how we are overall as a person. 

As you can see, making the best or the most efficient decision grants a big impact in our life. You have to understand that decision-making is a whole process of determining a resolution when a situation arises. It could affected by various factors of many kinds. By gathering information under particular circumstances, identifying the goals, and assessing alternative solutions, you are able to make the most well-imformed  decision there is. 

As good leaders of ourselves, when we make a decision, we could consider the steps of decision-making provided below: 

Steps of Decision-Making

  1. Identify the goals
  2. Gather information to weigh the options
  3. Consider the consequences for the choices made
  4. Evaluate the alternatives
  5. Determine the best solution

It is to remind that there is no perfect decision-making model to follow, likewise, the way we make decision changes as our circumstances are ever-changing. We could only try to adapt to the situation and make the most suitable choices. 

Let’s try to make the best decisions which bring out the best of us every day !

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