By Keren Liew | Published on June 28, 2022

Dedication is one of the necessities for individuals with self-leadership. How does it help us with self-leadership? Every one of us is endowed with gifts and potential to help us achieve our goals in our daily lives, even if we bear various responsibilities and handle a huge array of tasks or duties. For most of us, we might get excited at the beginning of each duty or events. We might like the sound of something fresh and anew, especially when things get dull in life. Nevertheless, not every single one of us has the dedication to continuously put the effort into what we do. Dedication is not an easy lesson, but we have a lifetime to understand it.

The Importance of Dedication

A person with dedication is described as someone having a specific commitment to a task or purpose. Commitment is all about the effort and time willingly spent on goals which we have set our eyes on. 

Despite the obstacles and setbacks along the journey to achieve your objectives, you work out to overcome them. Instead of giving up, a dedicated individual would endure the process. They would demonstrate the resilience and determination to achieve the results.

Dedication is all about persistent hardship despite the very long process. As long as your effort put in is aligned with your values and purpose, You will achieve your ideal end goals. Remember to recharge and constantly remind yourself of the purpose of the goals in which you are trying to achieve. 


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