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Alex soh has been a certified life coach for 12 years and counting where he has been a great mentor, motivator and trainer to many. His greatest skill would be to assist you to build a stronger version of yourself. Join him in this programme to discover the stronger you.

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Understanding your true self will be the beginning of a better life. In this programme, you will discover your potentials, skills, passion and values which shapes who you are and the future you. Enjoy your self discovery ride with Coach Alex Soh in this programme!

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1. Visualise your Ideal self

Have you ever wondered what will you be doing in the next 5 years or how will the future you will be? Episode 1 explains on the importance to think about your future and how it would shape your actions and decisions that you make today.

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2. Passion is energy

Discover your energy to keep the drive in your life. Find out what excites you to keep your day going because that will be the reason why you do the things that you do. In this episode, Coach Alex will talk about how to discover your passion and the reason behind it.

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3. Skills, your best qualities

Skills are the expertise or talent acquired by a person and what happens when we enhance our skills? In this episode, learn how we can discover and enhance our skills, importance of enhancing it and what can it bring for us in our lives.

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What does values mean to you? Learn how we can identify values in our life, how are these values beneficial and what can it do to our mindset. This episode talks about what's important in your life that defines you and should standby for.

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5. Ask questions

Alex Soh talks on questions you can ask yourself and why is it important. Questioning our actions and decisions will help us to find out more about ourselves. Find out some tips on how and what to ask to find out more about yourself.

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6. Talk to someone

Talking to someone leads to listening, learning and understanding. As we live in a community, it is important to talk to others and with that, we can learn about ourselves from another person's view.

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7. Seek for new things

Try and learn new things, as you seek for new things, you will learn about your capabilities and potentials, even acquire a new skill. Coach Alex will be explaining on the importance of seeking for new things especially in this current era.

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8. Journalling, your new best friend

Learn how journalling can help in exploring your dreams, aspirations and emotions. Find out how journalling can allow you to learn more about the person you've become. Learn some journaling tips in this episode from Coach Alex.

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9. Discover the future you

Knowing is one thing, doing is another. Find out how you can practice what you have learnt in this programme to meet the better version of yourself. It is now time to put your learning to action to find the future you.


  • To discover your ideal self
  • To learn how to ask good question
  • To find your passion
  • To move out of your comfort zone
  • To be the better version of yourself

This programme is for everyone that would like to improve themselves

This programme aims to bring the better version of yourself by providing step by step guidance and the reason behind each step

It is highly advised to get your doctor's approval before joining this programme if you have any sickness.

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