Exercise to Relieve Back Pains

 By Neon Teng | Published on June 22, 2022

Exercise to Relieve Back Pains

Who Suffers from Back Pain

Back pain can affect people of all ages, from children to the elderly. According to this article from 2017, more and more young people are complaining of back pains. With more and more people working at their desks for hours on end. Hence, their back pain has become a frequent problem that many of us faced. Moreover,  prolong hours plus poor posture when sitting causes compression in the discs between your spine causing pressure build-up and premature degeneration of the spine. Hence, back issues could be due to multiple reasons ranging from muscle or ligament strains or arthritis

Exercises to Help with back pain

Exercise to Relieve Back Pains. By Performing Back Exercises, you are able to reduce the likelihood of serious injury as you strengthen your muscle to support the spine. Aside from that, the low back muscles are also part of the core muscles. Its benefit greatly from strengthening to help support and stabilize the body during activities. Lastly, by constantly working out your back, you will be able to slow down the general degeneration of your back as you age. 

Bridges This exercise strengthens the gluteus maximus and is a simple and gentle exercise for people who are recovering.

Back Extensions –  Great exercise for working the muscles that run down your spine. For a deeper stretch, put your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders.

Cat – Dog Stretches – This exercise contracts and flexes the spines which allow for improved blood circulation of the discs in the back. 

Supermans – This is another exercise that allows you to not only target your core and back muscles but also your glutes and hamstrings.

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