By Keren Liew | Published on April 22, 2022

Facing The Consequences

Coming back to me gaining weight, while I think about what I have done, I thought about my job which could lead to a pattern of how I act. I have a full-time job from 9AM to 6PM which requires me to sit most of the time facing my device to conduct online meetings. I snack a lot in between the meetings to keep me focused and energised. I would also never decline my colleagues’ offer to have those tea breaks together, where I couldn’t resist coffee or even milk tea. When I am off work, in the evening or at night, my friends would “jio” me out for a cup of tea or supper, where we usually have desserts or even late-night burgers. I believe these are something most of us would enjoy, even something common amongst us. However, my habit of consuming high-energy food or drink, especially those of consistency does not favour my weight, or the way I look. It really takes a toll on my weight, where the numbers on the weighing scale might skyrocket if I don’t watch my habits


Whether we are trying to alter a habit gradually, making the decision to change a habit overnight or attempting to build a new habit, it is important to understand that we need to acquire the dedication or motivation to make changes. Our daily cycle or routine has to be broken with some actions taken purposefully to be able to achieve our goals. We ourselves hold the key to the way we face our consequences – do we do something to change things or do we keep feeling sorry for ourselves? 

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