Flexibility and Why You Should Train It

 By Neon Teng | Published on June 22, 2022

Flexibility and Why You Should Train It

What is Flexibility

First and the foremost, flexibility is the ability to move through a range of motion with your joints unrestricted with little to no pain. Hence, as a professional athlete, flexibility is important as it helps to boost performance and prevent major injuries so they are able to perform their best in competition. On the other hand, improved flexibility has many benefits for the average person as well as a loss of flexibility will make your muscles stiff and tight when performing normal day-to-day activities.

How to Improve Flexibility

Besides, to improve flexibility, there are 2 kinds of training, which are Dynamic and Static Stretches. Besides, static Stretches are held for a period of time to place emphasis on the elongation of the muscle to allow your muscles to loosen up. On the other hand, dynamic stretching is active movements that enable your joint to go through their full range of motion to help warm up your body before exercising. Since it involves active tightening of your muscles, dynamic stretches should be done before any exercise to help warm up your body. Subsequently, during the cool-down phase, static stretches are recommended to coo help you recover by relaxing your muscles. 

Benefits of Improving Flexibility

As mentioned prior, there are many benefits of improving flexibility even if you’re not an Olympic Athlete. Hence, it allows you to live your life more comfortably without random pain and soreness from aging. Here are some highlights of the benefits of improving flexibility. Example stated below.

Improved Posture and Balance.

A part from that, when you perform stretches, you contract & relax your joints and muscles allowing you to strengthen them. Aside from that, it also corrects any imbalances and alignment issues with your joints. 

Reduced injuries

Moreover, once you developed more flexibility in your joints, you are less prone to accidental injuries as your body will be able to withstand more physical stress without harming the body. 

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