Foods to Avoid if you want to get rid of Belly Fat

 By Zarifah binti Aziz | Published on June 08, 2022

Here are some food that you should avoid to lose belly fat:

Belly Fat

Processed Meat

Processed meat like sausage, hot dogs, ham and bacon are high in calories, fat and salt content, which can lead to belly fat gain. They are high calorie food but low nutrient dense food as they lack the content of important nutrients. 

Also, processed meat has been linked with increased risk of having certain cancer, so better limit the intake.

Belly Fat

White Bread and Pasta

White bread and pasta are highly refined foods, meaning they are high in carbohydrates and calories but lack essential nutrients such as fiber.

Instead, eat whole grain bread and pasta, which are high in fiber and can help to improve gut health and make you feel filled for longer.

Belly Fat


Most alcoholic drinks are high in calories and sugar, but they lack any essential nutrients that the body needs. According to one study, excessive alcohol use is also associated with reducing testosterone levels, which is associated with an accumulation in belly fat. As a result, to avoid gaining belly fat, you should limit or decrease your alcohol intake.

Fried Fast Foods

French fries are a popular fried food that has become everyone’s favorite, but they are high in calories, salt, and trans-fat (bad fat), all of which can contribute to belly fat gain and have a negative impact on the body. They also have fewer nutrients. 

To lose belly fat, it is therefore preferable to avoid these foods and instead eat salad or coleslaw.

Excess Salt

Sodium, which is often included in processed and fast food such as French fries, potato chips, ice cream, and bakery products, can help preserve and enhance flavor of these foods, which can lead to belly fat gain. 

It causes stomach bloating and increases water retention. When consumed in excess, these foods lead to raise blood pressure.


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