Be more confident and fulfilled with a SihatSihat Career Coach

  • Get matched with an expert who’s right for you
  • Have personal, 1:1 conversations about your career
  • Gain clarity on your next career move
  • Tap into your strengths and flourish at work

What is coaching?

Coaching is about capitalizing on what’s going well in your life as the catalyst to feeling more positive, more engaged, and more connected to those around you.

The experience is grounded in personal goals: some people work on their communication or prioritization skills. Others focus on building resilience or self-compassion. Whatever it may be, your SihatSihat Coach will empower you every step of the way.

Professional development

Coaching can equip you to better navigate critical moments in your career.

Personal growth

Your Coach will recognize and help improve patterns of behavior that you may not see.

Achieving potential

Coaches guide and empower you to thrive as a person and inspire you as a leader.

Sustained well-being

A global program streamlined into one intuitive platform and coaches in every time zone.

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How it works

Every aspect of the SihatSihat experience — from personalized coaching programs to bite-sized learning content to customized reporting — is personalized just for you.

1. Select your Coach

Take a quick survey to get personalized Coach recommendations, and choose the Coach that is right for you.

2. Schedule a session with your Coach

Take a quick survey to get personalized Coach recommendations, and choose the Coach that is right for you.

3. Connect anytime

Exchange unlimited messages with your Coach and schedule recurring appointments.

Why SIhatsihat

1. Dedicated coaching

Employees meet one-on-one with their Coach for several months, focusing on highly personal growth areas.

2. Flexible virtual sessions

Connect with your Coach at your convenience, right from your phone for 1:1 virtual video sessions.

3. Specialist coaching

Add expert Coaches to your bench to support targeted employee needs like nutrition, sleep, diversity & inclusion, and more.

4. Weekly Training

SihatSihat provide weekly workshop for Sihat members to enhance the knowledge and practice together

Zumba Your Way into Fitness

The right Coach makes all the difference

Highly qualified

SihatSihat Coach has earned certification, the gold standard.

Carefully matched

Answer a few questions about yourself, and our team will find you the top Coach matches from our nation network.

Your Coach, YOur Goals

Bring your Challenges. Yours is in your corner – what you talk about is up to you. Here are some common topics:

1. Career Development
Map out, refine, and own your career trajectory. From job transitions to entrepreneurship, do it on your terms.
2. Navigating Change
Identitfy ways to not only adpat but thrive when faced with new responsibilites or challenges in the workplace and in life.
3. New Role
Set yourself up for success and gain confidence as you strategize about achieving your professionals goals.
4. Influence
Get the visibility you always wanted and learn how to find and use your authentic voice.
5. Well-being
Whend you feel your best, you perform at your best. Find purpose and meaning at work in life, and in all you do.
6. Leading Others
Lead with condidence and build up, inspire, and empower the people around you.
7. Communication
Fine-tune your ability to present, communicate, and collaborate with ohter effectively.
8. Time management + Productivity
Increase your foucs, productivity, and accountability to accomplish more.
9. Strategic Management
Plan, assess, and execute complex projects while collaborating with outhers.
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