Fun Activities That Can Help You Burn Calories

 By Zarifah binti Aziz | Published on June 08, 2022

Apart from exercising, there are other enjoyable hobbies that can help you lose weight while having fun with your loved ones. The following are some fun activities that can help you burn calories:


Joining a volunteer club or participating in initiatives such as beach cleanups, tree planting, and environmental preservation can help you burn calories by requiring you to walk and work your muscles. 

Volunteering can help you relax and become more productive since you will meet new people, try new activities, and contribute to the community.

Playing With Kids

Playing with your children, nieces, or nephews will help you burn calories because you will engage in a variety of exciting physical activities such as badminton, park play, hide and seek, and outdoor play.

It will help you and your children expend energy and burn calories while reducing stress. 


Gardening is good for both mental and physical health because it burn calories and relieves stress by working various muscle groups. 

Begin with one or two plants on your balcony or windowsill garden. Start with little cactus gardens, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and green beans for beginners.

Try Something New

You may try doing something that would fit into your leisure time and make you happy. Pottery classes, painting, skateboarding, dancing, and rock climbing, for example. 

These hobbies can help you burn calories while having fun and maintaining a healthy body by requiring you to move about

Walk or Play with Pets

Having pets can encourage you to be more active as you need to keep on playing with them. It can be done outside or inside, but it will certainly help burn calories. 

As you move around your body and breathe fresh air while walking with your pets in the morning, you will improve your mood and maintain a healthy body.


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