Give Chance to People Who Love You to Love You

 By Keren Liew | Published on May 24, 2022

Give chance to people

I remember years ago during my university days, there was a phase where I was trying to adapt to the changes in life due to some unpleasant family events. I was distancing myself from social life, and things that are fun for any ordinary university student. My schedule was just going to class and back to my hostel - nothing more. It was a miracle that I was still able to complete my group assignments with the other classmates. I was in a bad shape and definitely not calm. Now that I think of it, things could be getting out of hand, but I was glad that I had a few of my best friends to be the support that I needed. A good friend of mine reached out to me, but I pushed her away by saying that I did not want to trouble her by giving her problems which she did not deserve to know. She responded to me with words that would still pull my heart string today. “A person with the right mindset who really cares about you, would be more than willing to understand what or who is hurting you, and would love to help you out or just stand by you when you are dealing with all the unpleasantness. Give a chance to people who love you to love you.”

It was then I had the mentality of letting others help you or giving chances to people who love you to support you is also a way of showing that we love them. We love them, so we trust them to be able to handle our ugly side, to be able to understand our pain, to hold our hands when we are walking through a rough patch. It definitely shed light on me about reaching out to people whom I love, and to people who love me when having a hard time. It is important to know that having the right people in our social circle as our support system is really the blessing in our lives to calm us down as they grant us the strength to hold on and handle whatever that may come at us. While you are reading this, who has come into your mind?

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