Hitting The Threshold

 By Keren Liew | Published on May 11, 2022

Hitting The Threshold

Some of us could have a relatively lower threshold to handle stressors in life, whereby when they meet certain life events or difficulties, they would feel like they could not take it anymore at some point. I have a friend who is a tutor at a learning centre and she is able to handle various situations of her class very well, be it a class with 20 kids or small classes with only five of them. The inquiries of the kids are never a big deal to her. Meanwhile, another friend who is working in the same learning centre broke down one day where she claimed she could not handle the same class of 20 kids. They were too noisy for her when they kept demanding her attention all at once, and she ended up swapping classes with the friend of hers to teach a smaller class.

It could be due to many factors about teaching the kids in the above situation. It could be personality factors, career advancements, experiences, etc. I would like to narrow the situation down to see from the point of view of the threshold of handling stress. My friend who broke down might have a lower threshold as she is not able to handle the situation of high stress compared to the other friend. It does not mean that she would probably fail in most areas of life or she would not be able to achieve more compared to those with a higher stress threshold level. It just sheds light on understanding a particular person better, and it is a great opportunity to work on how to improve from there.

Whether or not we have a high or low stress threshold, I think the most important question to think about is, how do we stay calm under life circumstances, so that we do not feel anxious or stressed out easily. That would be what we would like to find out.


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