Importance of Calves Workout. Never have Twigs legs Again

 By Neon Teng | Published on June 22, 2022

Importance of Calves Workout

Importance of Calves Workout. Never have Twigs legs Again

Have you ever seen people who look super ripped from the torso-up but have skinny-looking twigs as legs at the gym? These people are obviously skipping their leg day workout, especially their calves. Calves are often overlooked in workout routines but they are important not just for looks but they also control the muscle group that moves your ankle joints. They also help with explosive movement as they propel you forward when running and support the impact on your lower limbs. 

The Benefit of Calves Workouts

Prevent Injuries – One of the main benefits of strengthening your calves is to prevent injuries to your ankle and calves such as sprained ankles and calf tears. 

Improve Performance – Stronger calves muscles help with periods of an explosive burst of power and speed. This is especially useful for sprinting or jumping exercises such as basketball or sprint races. 

Complete the Looks –  Whether intentional or not, people who frequently go to the gym look incredible and stunning with refined muscles. So why ruin the looks with skinny small legs that disproportionate to the body .

Simple Exercise to Increase Calves Strength

Seated Calf Raise- This exercise can either be done with a machine at the gym or you could re-create it with heavy weights placed on your calves 

Standing Dumbbell Raise- This exercise targets the gastrocnemius muscles which are the bigger, upper part of your calf. 

Weighted Jump Squat –  Similar to a normal squat, but when coming up from the squat position, push with your calves to reach as high as possible. 

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