Important Skills for Self-Leadership

By Keren Liew | Published on June 22, 2022

Important Skills for Self-Leadership

Important Skills for Self-Leadership. How do we build our self-leadership? Self-leadership is not an overnight work. On the contrary, there are various skills which we need to work on consistently. Like other major self-development skills, it takes time and experiences to be able to possess self-leadership skills. Let’s find out some of the most important skills for self-leadership for us to thrive to be better.

Important Skills for Self-Leadership


Self-awareness is a big topic to explore in regard to ourselves. It is basically being aware about ourselves and involves having a strong sense of self. It refers to having great understanding about who we are as an individual as well as our personalities and values. We also know what our strengths and weaknesses are and how they have great impacts on us in various ways. With great self-awareness, we are able to identify where we are headed to and what to accomplish to bring meaning in our lives. 

How having self-awareness helps us with Self-Leadership

Having self-awareness helps us to determine what we are capable of and how we are going to utilise the gifts. For instance, when we are aware of what we are good at, we would try to prove our competence or find out ways to improve those qualities. We make efforts to keep ourselves on the right track which brings out the best of us. 

Nevertheless, having good self-awareness allows us to keep in touch with our softest and weakest spots. When we face problems, knowing what we are lacking is crucial to move on further from where we are at the moment. We would try to work on them and overcome the issues brought up by them to improve ourselves. 

It is a lifelong journey for oneself to uncover our own potentials and accept our flaws. It is an even greater mission to accept ourselves for what we discover, and where to go about it. 


Let’s read on more important skills for self-leadership in the next article “Self-Regulation”.

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