Kettlebell Body toning

Level 1

With a kettlebell in hand, and this training plan as your guide, you can quickly transform your body and improve upon your current level of fitness. Can follow our coach Barry training plan to workout at home, on your schedule, no fancy gym equipment or pricey membership required.

Level 2

The kettlebell’s offset loading also ensures that virtually any exercise you do will be a core exercise, as your core keeps your whole body from getting pulled out of alignment. Kettlebells are great for building an iron handshake and the ability to hold on tight.

Level 3

Kettlebell training builds muscle and strength like any other type of resistance training, but it’s especially good for developing body awareness and good movement skills at the same time, and that will transfer over to any other kind of training or athletic activity you’re interested in.

Level 4

Kettlebell training program can enhance the progress for whatever hypertrophy, strength, and endurance goals you might have. You’ll also learn about how training with just kettlebells can make you a better athlete and how to warm up before all those swings

This week-long plan will help you get moving and feeling strong !!! Just grab your kettlebell, find a space where you can socially distance, and follow coach Barry to get to work!

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