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discover the leader in you

Know yourself, Grow yourself is a SihatSihat live workshop consisting of 9 programmes. Each programme will be a 2 hours session that will equip you discover the leader in you. Develop your charisma as a resilient leader by understanding yourself and enhance your leadership expertise through this series. By the end of the program, you’ll discover your unique power to be a resilient leader with a clear vision and goals, personally and professionally. Join Nancy Lee and Lu Jia Lih in the journey to master the best version of yourself.

achievements to be unlocked

Self control

Develop self-awareness to manage own emotions and overcoming challenges

Life vision

Create life purpose and set career vision to monitor progress of own's goals


Build positive relationships and learn ways to live a more productive life

Lead you & Others

Lead self and others towards shared goals through teamwork, negotiations and decision making

Our Programme

July 02, 2022


  • Identify negative beliefs that limits your performance
  • Discover your inner powers to overcome negative beliefs
  • Regulate positive beliefs in yourself and others
July 02, 2022

August 13, 2022


  • Styles of leadership
  • Skills of leadership
  • Qualities of a Leader
  • Think like a leader
  • Ways to become a leader
  • How to spot a leader
August 13, 2022

Coming Soon

Self Awareness

  • Manage emotions that affects your thoughts and behaviour
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover your values and passions
  • Develop self-confidence
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Coming Soon

Self Management

  • Manage time and priorities
  • Manage stress and mindfulness practice
  • Learn to take initiative and accountability
  • Resilience and adaptability to change
Coming Soon

Coming Soon


  • Master the G.R.O.W Model
  • Learn to set worthy goals
  • Learn to craft your core purpose in life
  • Discover your career vision
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Applied Teamwork

  • Learn about being a Team Player
  • Qualities of a Team Player
  • Be a better Team Player
  • Benefits of Teamwork in an organisation
  • Ways to enhance Team Play in the workplace
Coming Soon

Coming Soon


  • Ways to build healthy relationships
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Learn to manage conflicts
  • Inspire and influence others
Coming Soon

Coming Soon


  • 5 stages of Negotiation
  • 5 principles of Negotiation
  • Learn about Negotiation Skills & Techniques
  • Rules to observe
  • How to be a good negotiator
  • How to be a BETTER negotiator
Coming Soon

Coming Soon


  • Difference between problem solving and decision making
  • Learn the steps of problem solving
  • Learn the styles and skills of decision making
  • Learn what to do if you made a bad decision
Coming Soon

who should attend



young working adults

Our Trainers cum coaches



Jia Lih has spent almost 4 decades in PETRONAS where she has held multiple top ranking positions such as Non-Indepndent Non-Executive Director, Non-Executive Chairman and CEO. She was the CEO for PETRONAS Vietnam in the year 2012 – 2014 and PETRONAS Energy Philippines in the year 2017 till 2018.

In her corporate journey, she has acquired and handled many tasks with skills such as talent management, strategic capital investments, strong financial returns, business growth, risk management and ESG.

She was also recognised as one of the 200 Top Leaders of PETRONAS and in 2021, she decided to add on her list of skillset with executive coaching. She is now a freelance performance and executive coach for various organisations.


  • 38 years experience in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Recognised as Top 200 Leaders in PETRONAS
  • Former CEO in subsidiaries of PETRONAS in Vietnam and Philippines
  • Led teams to negotiate and conclude successfully on 20 years contacts globally
  • Vast Trading, Marketing and Management knowledge and experience
  • Experienced Mentor
  • Certified ICF Performance Coach
nancy lee


Nancy has experience over a period of thirty years in higher education where she has trained academics and coach-mentored youth in her role as a lecturer, Life Skills (EI) coach and Curriculum Innovation Specialist.

Nancy has a Masters in Educational Management (UM, Mal) and has been managing and developing learning content for various projects in Taylor’s University. She is also an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Master Performance Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence trainer and a Certified Focus on the Family Facilitator.

She believes that working with a coach-mentor will give students a head start which will help them to be better prepared for their careers and in life. This has led to her students discovering their own passion and directions in life.


  • Curriculum Innovation Specialist, Taylor’s University
  • Life Skills (EI) Coach
  • ICF – Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Certified Master Performance Coach
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer
  • Certified Focus on the Family Facilitator
  • Director of Educoaching


You may click the 'REGISTER NOW' button that will lead you to the purchasing page where you have the option to choose preferred programmes to attend or the entire series (Inclusive of all 9 programmes)

    You may attend any amount of selected programmes in the series. However, we highly encourage to attend the entire series to to achieve the outcome of the programme.

You are required to be a SihatSihat member to be able to enjoy the entire series

Any cancellation upon purchase is allowed 3 days prior to the programme date

You are required to make payment upon the purchase of the programmes, however you may cancel your purchase 3 days prior to the event day

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