By Keren Liew | Published on May 11, 2022

Let's Get Out

I remember that just recently I was feeling very uncomfortable – the uneasiness you feel before you get sick. I went for a run during that very evening. It was a spontaneous decision whereby going to exercise had not always been in my daily or weekly routine, but it made me realise how badly a run was needed at that very moment. I had been facing a lot of stress and I had been one of the heavy users of social media, where I could be on my phone for several hours straight even after working on the computer for almost half a day. After running and having a good shower, I was energised, the uneasiness was long gone. 

For many of us who are able to do exercises without any bodily limitations which some might see as a luxury, we might really have to consider seizing the moments when we have the opportunity to do physical exercises. Other than the organic aspects where exercising aids in our blood circulation, boosts up metabolism and moving about our body acts like magical sprinkles to lighten up our mood. Be it just simple stretching in your room, going for a long walk around the neighbourhood, or running on the treadmill – sweating it out seems to also help get the stress out of our system. We get all smileys after exercising, our body feels lighter, and things seem to be a lot simpler and easier. 

Compared to the days, the weeks, and months we spend at our own residences working or studying online during the lockdown due to the pandemic, we are now able to move about more freely. With restrictions being lifted gradually, it is hoped that we could make more plans being out of the house. Let’s make full use of it while we can!

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