My Hobby

By Keren Liew | Published on June 20, 2022

My hobby

When we feel overwhelmed or in a lot of stress, there are circumstances where we might want to be alone. Maybe you are not in favour of talking, or do not prefer spending time with someone, or maybe you are just not in the mood to share your personal time and space with another person yet. It is crucial to find something which could help recharge your drained mind and boost your mental health, be it an object, an activity, a hobby, or something which you’re passionate about. I think we all need something, or to engage in activities which could bring us joy - to remind us that there’s something that we could look forward to; that there is something which could help us stay calm. The object, activity or hobby might help us to learn how to appreciate more of what we have now in our lives, and it is important to stay spirited for us to keep going after facing these stressors.

Personally, when I am overwhelmed and I do not feel like talking, or when I think that it is not the suitable time to share something with someone else, I would try to give myself some alone time and play the piano. I am not particularly excellent at playing the piano, not the ones where you could randomly say a title of a song and expect me to play the entire thing for you. I am more on the chill side – I play the piano casually and am fortunate enough to know how to play by ear, where I would be able to play the tunes which I am familiar with without having to refer to the music sheets. I find myself feeling calm whenever I play random songs, and I enjoy doing that. It could be said that playing piano is my personal “getaway” from my miseries, how about yours?

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