By Keren Liew | Published on June 22, 2022


Self-Regulation. Being able to regulate oneself could be one of the important skills for self-leadership. What is self-regulation about?

Another skill en route to self-leadership is self-regulation. Self-regulation is the mental capability to manage our states of mind and inner processes. It might also involve regulating our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours in response to external events. It could be known to most of us as having control over oneself. 

It is yet another major subject to look into as we navigate through our life journey. In relation to self-leadership, self-regulation helps us to respond to challenges and problems that we face. Instead of solely reacting to the events, we provide proper responses. 


Reaction and Response

There are differences between a reaction and a response. Let me briefly point out some differences:

  • A reaction is usually driven by emotions triggered by the external situations under certain circumstances. It is spontaneous and could be seen as a surge of emotions. We might not consider many factors other than how we feel towards that situation. We simply act out without much thought processes. 
  • A response is driven by reasoning. Before we do anything, we carefully think about how to face the situation or solve the problems ahead of us. We address the challenge and behave appropriately. 

Self-regulation helps us to respond to our life circumstances in positive and effective ways rather than just reacting through emotional outbursts. Having control over how we respond to situation aids us fully in our self-leadership to lead ourselves. Self-regulation helps us to stay composed in whatever circumstances which is a very important quality to be seen in leaders.  

Let’s read on more important skills for self-leadership in the next article “Motivation”.

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