Jia Lih has spent over 4 decades in PETRONAS where she has held multiple top ranking position in the corporate world. As for the Board of Experience, from the year 2004 till 2018, she was a Non - Independent Non - Executive Director for Dragon LNG Ltd United Kingdom, Duta and Kaparangan Inc. in Philippines and PETRONAS Vietnam. She was also the Non - Executive Chairman for PETRONAS Aviation Sdn. Bhd, PETRONAS Lubricants Thailand Pte Ltd and PETRONAS Energy Philippines Incorporated from the year 2014-2018. As for her professional experience, she was the CEO for PETRONAS Vietnam Ltd (2012-2014) and PETRONAS Energy Philippines Inc (2017-2018).

In her corporate journey, she has acquired and handled many tasks with skills such as talent management, strategic capital investments, strong financial returns, business growth, risk management and ESG. She was also recognised as one of the 200 Top Leaders of PETRONAS.

In 2021, she decided to add on her list of skillset with Executive Coaching where currently she is a volunteer and freelance Performance and Executive Coach and at the same time, Mentor for various organisations such as Genesis Life Care Centre, WWF Malaysia, International Coaching Federation (Malaysia Chapter) and Petronas Staff.




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