Talk or Alone?

By Keren Liew | Published on June 08, 2022

Talk or Alone

It is important to be able to recognise and be aware of how we are feeling - are we feeling anxious or overwhelmed from where we are and what we are doing now? The next thing to think about would be - what now? How should I handle all these strong emotions and intriguing thoughts? Am I ready to face what is going to come at me?

At times, we might be too used to pouring out our feelings to someone as our way of expression of our stress; or on the other hand, we might shut ourselves out for too long from our loved ones for an extravagant amount of “alone time”. Before we continue doing what we have always been doing or engaging in things which have been in our comfort zone, we have to acknowledge our needs at that particular moment. Is a talk really necessary right now? Am I capable of sharing this piece of information appropriately with the other person? Is the person we are going to talk to, the suitable individual to be entrusted with what I am going to share? Is being alone beneficial for me at this moment? Am I able to take care of myself while being in this turmoil? What can I do to calm myself down? While I am playing the piano, it isn’t about playing for the audience. I play it for myself – I play the songs which are my favourite at that moment or any tunes which I feel like playing. It is a way for me to express what I could not say, could not write or even react. I believe sometimes we do feel like this, where we need to find something to express ourselves. I would sometimes arrange some alone time just to play the piano to unwind myself from being overloaded by my reality and it has been working really great for me. There are many ways for us to stay calm while we are en route in our lives, facing ups and downs through various aspects in our journey. We will find the right one for us, it might not be now, but we will one day, and I am sure that we will feel stronger than before. ❤️

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