The Stress Threshold

 By Keren Liew | Published on May 11, 2022

It is a very personal and abstract feeling for each of us, whereby the point of being overwhelmed greatly depends on various circumstances of an individual. It also links to the ability of us facing and adjusting to the circumstances. Are you able to handle situations well? Some people say they greatly depend on me when things happen, whether it is an emergency or a big event in need of major planning. I get assigned many things to be handled, be it in my home, at work or in other positions, especially those with high importance or urgency. However, as I mentioned before, I feel overwhelmed at times, and I struggle to stay calm as well.

I believe each and every one of us has a certain threshold of handling stress. Some could have a higher level of threshold, whereas any kind of circumstances they are in do not seem to be much of a problem for them. They are able to face and handle major life events well, especially adversity. It could be about facing the divorce of parents, shifting of schools, migration to a new place in a different country, etc. It does not mean that they do not feel anything about what they go through, but it could be said that they adjust to situations better and have their own coping strategies which really help them a lot. Some might say that they are more resilient in a way when they face obstacles in their lives. They get pushed down, and then boom! They stand back up on their feet again. Sometimes I wonder, how could I achieve that threshold? I think that’s the beauty of our differences which makes up the world, to feel and think in our own unique ways.

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