By Keren Liew | Published on April 22, 2022

It is a very abstract and personal experience for each one of us while we are living through our lives. For certain reasons, we keep on doing particular activities, or engage in specific routines. Some might run to the coffee shop for a quick cup of coffee before they get to work at 8AM every working day; some might go for a jog at 7PM after their dinner every day; some might go for a drive to a certain area in the city just to catch a glimpse of some supercars; some must take a sip of red wine so that they could get a good night’s sleep. We do not really realise that we keep on doing something, until we face certain consequences about them, or when we stop and think about the frequency of those actions taken. 

From a personal account, I found out that I had been gaining weight consistently, where I did not notice the gain of weight until I realized some of the cute skirts wouldn’t fit me anymore. Even those outfits which I thought could bring out the best of me, wouldn’t compliment me anymore. I am neither overweight, nor having serious health problems related to weight, but I had a hard time trying to keep fit and maintain my physique before I am able to look like this, and gaining extra kilograms is not ideal for me right now. I was quite affected by the ‘sight’ of this but before I started feeling sorry for myself, I began to think about my habits all this while picking up clues where it went wrong. Yes, I started thinking “What have I done?” Gaining weight is not something which would happen overnight – it takes days, weeks, months or even years, for it to happen, depending on individual characteristics. We have to be alert about the things we do, especially those of repetition before we realize it’s too late, or when it requires extra effort to make things right. 

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