Which Milk Is Better? – Full Cream, Low Fat and Skim Milk

Are you often confused as to which milk is the best to drink, eat with cereals and dip with chocolate biscuit, particularly at the market? Basically, the fat content per serving is the only difference between full cream, low fat and skim milk.

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Type of Milk

Full cream milk

This classic style of dairy milk has average 3.8% milk fat, with a minimum of 3.2%, milk fat. In other words, full-cream milk is 96% fat free.

Low Fat Milk

Also knows as reduces-fat milk. It contains less than 1.5% milk fat. It has the same great health benefits and contain the same nutrient as full cream milk.

Skim Milk

Skim milk has less than 0.15% milk fat. Often used in smoothies and coffee.

Health Benefit of Milk

Milk is good for your health. But, apart from being rich with nutrients, did you even know that milk has other advantages? Other advantages are listed below, along with an explanation.

Strong teeth

The best source of calcium is milk, which is exactly what your teeth needs. By having 1 glass of milk per day can help in the prevention of cavities and tooth decay.  However, calcium can only be absorbed by your body if vitamin D is present, so it will be great to drink milk that also fortified with vitamin D. 

Healthy bone 

Growing kids especially in needs to drink milk to increase bone health and can promote growth. Adults also need to drink milk as it can help in maintain the bone on keep stronger and may reduce the risk of having osteoporosis. Again, better drink milk that also fortified with vitamin D.

Weight loss

People who want to lose weight and eat a healthy diet should opt for low fat or skim milk rather than full cream milk, as full cream milk has the most calories.

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