Why Strength Training isn't just for Men

 By Neon Teng | Published on June 22, 2022

Why Strength Training isn't just for Men

Stigma Surrounding Strength Training for Women

I bet you heard the stigma before that strength training will only cause women to be bulky and make them look bigger. However, that is a big misconception and here’s why strength training isn’t just for Men. In actual fact, unless you’re specifically training to bulk, it’s incredibly hard for most women to gain massive muscles and look bulky. Most of the “bulk” people see are just fat layers on top of muscle during the first few weeks of training. After more sessions, the body will begin to tone down and look less bulky. 

Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Body Toning

In actual fact, strength training is extremely beneficial for women, especially for people who are trying to tone down their bodies and lose weight. This is because building muscles increase your resting metabolism, which is the calories you burn while resting. This plus the calories expanded during the workout session allows you to burn a ton of calories.

Maintain Mobility as You Get Older

By incorporating strength training exercises into your weekly workout routine, you are able to strengthen your bone density and overstrength which also reduce the rate of muscle degradation as you age. As such functional strength training allows you to enjoy moving around more as you grow into your golden years. 

Boost Mood and Confidence

Strength training in general leads to a better mood as it produces more neurotransmitters such as Serotonin which are basically happy hormones to promote a better state of mind. Aside from that, Women feel more confident as they feel more capable when they see their hard work paid off during strength training. 

Getting Started with Strength Training

It is important that you start out with smaller weights and slowly work your way up as you progress if you have no experience in strength training prior. If possible, seek guidance by joining a gym and learning some basic exercises and proper forms. This will prevent injuries in the long term and get you more comfortable in weighted exercises. 

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