Why You Should Consider Swimming Workouts

 By Neon Teng| Published on July 31, 2022

If you’re having difficulty getting your weekly recommended dose of moderate-intensity physical activity. Swimming offers a great cardiovascular exercise as it involves many different muscle groups working together. This forces your heart to work harder to deliver oxygen to your muscles and as a result, it increases your heart rate. However, aside from being a great cardiovascular workout.it also allows you to build body strength as every move you make is being resisted by the water. 

Swimming Workouts

1. Swimming laps

To gain strength with swimming workouts, you have to focus on the form, intensity and resistance while doing your lap swimming workout.
Form – By performing with the correct form you are able to target the specific muscle group and build strength. 

Intensity –  To progress in your workout, you need to push past your boundaries. This can achieve by increasing the intensity of your workouts by either decreasing the rest period or increasing the duration of freestyle swimming. 

Resistance-  On the other hand, can add by utilising specific swimming resistance tools such as a parachute and swimming socks. However, beginners should be wary of using these tools if they haven’t mastered their swimming techniques yet. 

2. Bodyweight Pool Workouts

If you feel like doing some bodyweight pool workout instead of swimming laps, here are some exercises you can try 

Wall Push-Ups – Similar to normal push up but less stress will be put on your joints.

Jump Squats –  Perform in waist-deep water for maximum effect.

Butt Kicks – Great way to stretch your glutes  if you have difficulty stretching them on land.

Foam Dumbells Arm Lifts –  This exercise required foam dumbbells only if you feel the exercise is not intensive enough. 


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