Why You Should Start Running

 By Neon Teng | Published on June 22, 2022

Why You Should Start Running

What is Running

Running or jogging is a form of aerobic exercise and one of the most popular forms of cardio exercise. It is relatively cheap and it requires little to no equipment. Thus, it is also the most  accessible form of exercise on foot and an excellent way to fit in a cardio session at the end of your workout.

Running vs Jogging

The main difference between these 2 forms of exercise is the intensity, Most people if asked the difference would answer with “Pace of the run”, and they would be correct. There isn’t a  threshold of speed that automatically declares you as a jogger or vice versa. In fact, many athletes who participate in races will adjust their speed accordingly. What matter at the end, is personnel preference. If you like running instead of jogging at a slower pace, go ahead and call yourself a runner. If you like been jogging for years, go ahead and continue calling it that. 

Benefits of Running

Amazing Form of Cardio Exercise –  Compared to other forms of cardio, running burns more calories. The benefit of this doesn’t only work at running fast, but at slower-paced runs too. 

Strengthen Bones and Joints Many people who run tend to have stronger bones and joints that prevent accidental injuries. 

Improved Mental Health  Many People use running as a form of therapy as the automacy gives them a way to clear their heads and boost their mood. 

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