Worst Beverage : Better Avoid This Drink When Stressed

 By Zarifah binti Aziz | Published on July 26, 2022

Everyone experiences stress, especially around deadlines—whether they be for work or school assignments. You will surely suffer from stress every time you think about it. As a result, you might drink to excess in your favourite beverages in an effort to improve your mood. 

However, certain of your favourite beverages, such as coffee and alcohol, may actually make your stress worse. So, in order to keep your stress levels at a minimum, here is a list of the worst beverages that you should avoid.

Avoid or limit caffeine

Caffeine can be found in chocolate, coffee, tea, and some drinks. 

More than two cups of coffee are usually consumed nowadays, especially when working and needing to stay focused and productive. But coffee contains a ton of caffeine, and while the initial rush feels nice at first, drinking too much coffee can become bad. 

According to Christopher N. Ochner, PhD, caffeine is one of the safer stimulants available, but “unfortunately, any stimulant carries with it the side effect of anxiety.” Also, he notes how jittery, nervous, and worrisome caffeine can make you feel.

Stick to only one cup of coffee as your morning pick-me-up (or maybe two cups if you’ve developed a caffeine tolerance) to avoid your stress levels escalating. This is because quitting coffee suddenly might cause headaches and make it difficult to concentrate.


People who are under stress often try to relieve it by drinking more alcohol than they can handle until black out. Your stress level will rise as a result. Alcohol can help you feel more at ease because it has sedative and depressant properties. 

However, if you start drinking, you can develop a tolerance to alcohol’s calming benefits, which can lead to more difficulty dealing with stress and anxiety.

Basically, having one drink a night won’t harm you, but if you do it frequently, you’ll probably develop a tolerance and require more than one to feel the effects, which is a dangerous way to proceed. You can drink, but the key is moderation. If you choose to drink, keep your intake to no more than 2 drinks per day for males and 1 drink per day for women.


Caffeine should be avoided or consumed in moderation whenever you feel stressed. 

However, if you enjoy drinking coffee, you can start by gradually lowering your daily intake. 

Additionally, if you want to choose to drink alcohol, you should do it moderately. Avoid drinking too much.


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